The law firm Kolemisevski & Partners specializes in foreign business investments and transactions, corporate governance, procurements, banking and financial investment funds, as well as human resources.

The firm has handled numerous litigation matters, including dissolution of business relationships, breach of contract, preparation of tender documentation, legal due diligence, unfair competition, wrongful termination (both plaintiff and employer), disputes between property owners, civil, criminal and administrative litigation, mergers, acquisitions, buying and selling businesses, all types of real estate and tenancy disputes, as well as intellectual property registration.

The firm also focuses on corporate, business and real estate transactions, including the formation of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, preparation and revision of documents pertaining to the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate, preparation of agreements for businesses and preparation of employment and related agreements, and advising corporate management on issues such as budget planning, business plan making, foreseeing financial and tax risks, as well as managing human resources.

The firm provides advice and deals with issues such as insolvency, secured transactions, securities and stock markets, shares, bills of change, financial transactions, taxation and creative investment solutions.

Our firm takes great pride in our versatility and the capability of enabling the clients to enjoy both the personal touch of a smaller-sized law firm and the resources and the extensive experience of a larger organization. Moreover, because of our team, which includes international consultants, we can more efficiently manage our overhead cases and costs, providing our clients with quality legal services at competitive rates.

Our firm is dedicated to obtaining favourable results for our clients by vigorously protecting and pursuing their interests. We closely analyze and examine each situation so as to arrive at a strategy before taking the next step. We maintain high standards and pride ourselves on keeping clients involved in each step so that we are working together as a team.



Our mission is to ensure legal and financial security for our clients trough everyday activities and services that we provide. With our background and the way we do business which includes confidentiality, honesty, efficiency, ethics and loyalty we provide high professional services to our clients and we give them the freedom to concentrate on their core business.


Our vision is “Kolemisevski and partners” to be different and recognized from the other companies by consistent improvement of our methodology of work, increasing our satisfied clients list and to be the leading law firm for the responsible business community by implementing new services.

Goals and Principles